Love NY

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


WE MIGHT MAKE A CD!!!!!!!!!! It will be called "All 4 U". That song was written by all of the Luvin' NY band!!! So look out 4 it!


Hi! My name is Tina and I'm 12 years old and play electric guitar and have a cute boyfriend named Corey. Well okay I'll admit it... I WASN'T BORN IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was born in Washington! Oh well at least I live here now!-Tina


Hi! My name is Lisa!!! I'm 11, in 5th grade and play bass (pronounced base)! It took my 5 years to learn... yes I learned while I was 6! So See Ya!-Lisa


Hi!!! My name is Danelle and I LOVE PLAYING THE GUITAR!!! Well I'm ten years old and I'm sisters with Lisa!!! Soo be lookin out 4 the Luvin' NY band!-Danelle


Hey! My name is Courtney but U can call me Court or Shorty cuz I'm little!!! Well I'm 10 years old, in 5th grade and play the keybord in Luvin' NY!!!! I'm an only child and get spoiled all the time!-Courtney


Hey! My name is Darcy and I'm sisters with Dillion, 1 year apart, bet ya didn't kno that! Well I'm in 6th grade, have the HOTTEST boyfriend named Nick, and play drums! I helped write some of the songs but I never wrote any by myself! -Darcy p.s LUV YA NICK!!! KISSES!!!


So my name is Dillion and I'm 11 and I'm the lead vocalist and wrote some of the songs! I was born and raised in NY and I LOVE it here! It ROX! I have a boyfriend named Eric and he is SoOoOoOoOo cool and nice! Luvin NY is trying to book as many acts this Summer so if U take a trip to Manhattan New York... look 4 us!-Dillion

about us!

So we are all around the same age... here are our agesDillion-11-lead vocalist Darcy-12-drumsCourtney-10-keybordDanelle-10-guitarLisa-11-bassTina-12-electric guitar-Luvin NY


What is UP??? This blog is about this group called Luvin NY cuz we live in New York! Are names are meDillion: Lead SingerDarcy: Drums Courtney: Key Bord Danelle: GuitarLisa: BassTina: Electric GuitarWatch Out 4 us!-Dillion